Sorting out gemfiles

So I've really been trying to get into the new hotness which is SASS/Compass and until recently was wading in the kiddie pool by using Codekit. Which is pretty great for what it does, but I recently came across the Aurora theme in my quest for a theme that was responsive but didn't bloat the DOM. Codekit didn't seem to want to work for this purpose, so I took the plunge into the bigboypool.

I quickly ran into some issues with permissions for the OSX built in Ruby. I did all the "sudo gem install" and whatnot, but I kept running into what appeared to be permissions issues on the "partials" that come with Aurora when I tried to compile. I couldn't get a handle on what exactly was making the complaint nor what permissions it needed. Quick to the cloud! googling brought up a ton of "use sudo" advice, which I was doing, but to no avail. There was a StackExchange article that basically said, 'hey, quit screwing around with the built in Ruby, it's locked down and it's 3 versions behind.' It suggested I use rebenv to install a new, separate Ruby environment in my home directory. Rbenv is available on Homebrew, which I've grown to love, so I figured what the hell. after getting that installed, i removed all the gemns I had installed in pursuit of Aurora, and reinstalled them all into my rebenv directory. This got me preeeety close to working. However, it was the not quite there. I kept getting an error when creating a subtheme, specifically

nistaurora/sass/style.scss (Line 2 of _aurora.scss: File to import not found or unreadable: respond-to.

I asked on the aurora theme page what my issue might be and i got an answer. The key is that some of my gem files were newer than what Aurora wanted, so I had to download the bundler gem and create a gemfile. This allows you to use different version gem files for different projects. Very smooth. Once i created my gemfile with the appreopriate versions, I tried to run the bundle install command, but it didn't work. I wasn't sure why, but after launching a new terminal window, it ran fine. So I guess that made the terminal recogninze the new bundler gme i had just installed. Once I did that, all went well and I have a brand new theme with no errors.